2012 - 2017     B.Sc Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Selected Group Exhibitions


INSANITY - Sponsored by Frot Foundation. Held at Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos.


IT'S NOT FURNITURE - Sponsored by Temple Management Company. Held at Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos.

FINDING YOUR IDENTITY - Sponsored by ENACOF. Held at British Council, Abuja.

ARTYRAMA ART EXHIBITION - Curated by Jess Castellote. Held at Alhaji Bashorun, Ikoyi, Lagos.


EMPOWERMENT EXHIBITION - By Creative Debuts and Nasty Women NYC. Held at Black and White Building, Rivington Street, London.

GENERATION Y - A Contemporary Art Exhibition by Retro Africa. Held at The Exhibition Pavilion, Abuja, Nigeria.

MONIKER ART FAIR - By Creative Debuts and Moniker Art Fair. Held at Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, Brooklyn, NYC.

ANTI-TRUMP ART SHOW - By Creative Debuts. Held at Bath Place, Rivington Street, London.

AFRIUTURE EXHIBITION - By Ramati Art Africa in association with the Commonwealth Africa Summit. Held at the Ontario Investment and Trade centre, Toronto, Canada.

ART X LAGOS - By Art X Lagos and Artyrama. Held at Civic Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.

Upcoming Shows

Selected Press and Publications