Where do we go from here, 2018 (in progress)

Where do we go from here, 2018 (in progress)

My artwork explores, evaluates, interrogates and challenges socio-political structures and issues within society with the purpose of giving a voice to the voiceless through hyperrealism. Often referencing African Cultures, my work also touches on gender equality, black power, tribal discrimination, feminine denigration, highlighting the relationship between pain, war, sorrow, anguish, sadness and art.

My series titled "The King's Diary" was adapted from the practice of African cultures and the urge to loud gender equality in an effort to change my society and the way people think. Through figurative hyper-realistic drawings and works on paper, my art advocates positive changes in society by calling out some of the problems, hence, situating me as an 'activist on canvas'. My works tend to nurse a rare and undiluted expression, letting the subjects in my art communicate via their emotions.

I work in a genre of art called Contemporealism. The name indeed is derived from my success in creating a very realistic image and deploying elements of contemporary art or illusion of form and space, and, usually, to create emphasis in the narrative I portray.

In some sense, I have become addicted to becoming a voice for the voiceless through my art.