My works are not just inspired by my ability to create large hyper-realistic images with a charcoal pencil and my recently added collage materials, but also my desperate approach to create constructive discourses that define our everyday living. I have been prolific in producing works that advocate positive changes in the society, hence, designed me to be an 'activist on canvas'. I display Black power as a timely, bitting subject in large works with black people of assured attitudes permeating my project's oeuvre. 

My works tend to nurse a rare and undiluted expression, letting the subjects in my art communicate via their emotions.

I work in a genre of art called Figurative Hyper-realism. The name indeed is derived from my success in creating a very realistic image and deploying elements that create an impression or illusion of form and space, and, usually, to create emphasis in the narrative I portray.

My new series titled "The King's Diary" was indeed adapted from the practice of African cultures and the urge to loud gender equality.

In some sense, I have become addicted in becoming a voice for the voiceless through my art.


  Thy Brother is Not Thy Brother Indeed, 2017 (in progress)

Thy Brother is Not Thy Brother Indeed, 2017 (in progress)