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A view from my Corner - Jess Castellote

This very personal list includes 18 visual artists living in Nigeria (at least for now!!!) and who are under 30 years old. I am sure before the end of the year I will have added quite a few others and perhaps in my 2019 list I will drop some of those I am including this year. They are: Nengi OMUKU, Dennis OSADEBE, Ayobola KEKERE-EKUN, Dipo DOHERTY, Ken NWADIOGBU, Chibuike UZOMA, Odiabehor ODIBO, Logor OLUMUYIWA, Sejiro AVOSEH, Yadichinma UKOHA-KALU, Adesokan ADEDAYO, Marcellina AKPOJOTOR, Babajide OLATUNJI, Jimmy NWANNE, Stacey RAVVERO, Ifedoyin SHOTUNDE, Osora MOJEKWU, Tunde ALARA


MomentsZ on ELTv

Is it true that ‘To Know True Love, You Must Know Heartbreak”?
What are the causes of heartbreak? 
When does heartbreak become suicidal?
We discuss the rising rates of suicide as it relates to heartbreak amongst youths with:


Tush Magazine

Personalities from other creative industries were also featured in this issue including Adeniyi Adegboye and Lara Cole from the fashion industry, Bukky Wright-Dabiri from the PR industry, on Art, we get an exclusive insight into the mind and world of Ken Nwadiogbu. Yemisi Fancy makes the New Crush spot, while Squeeze and Mz Nyra also got interviewed as they tell their stories in this new issue.


Artyrama Art Exhibition

The event will showcase latest works of popular artists like  Dipo Doherty, Ayobola Kekere-Ekun, Tunde Alara, Ifedoyin Shotunde, Promise O’Nali, Ken Nwadiogbu, John Madu, Abba Makama and Stacey Ravvero. With exclusive original paintings and limited edition prints, the emerging artist theme has been explored in its broadest sense, the artists’ inspirations range from  current day realities of living in Nigeria, nature, a re-imagined future and dreams.


Guardian Life Nigeria: It's not furniture

An aura of burgeoning Lagos contemporary art energy radiates inside the moderate space at Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi, on a Saturday afternoon as works of six young artists add to the unfolding youthful narrative of Nigerian visual expressionism. Also, the dominating age group of visitors to the exhibition titled It’s Not Furniture align with the youthful texture of the exhibiting artists: Marcellina Akpojotor, Logo Oluwamuyiwa, Ken Nwadiogbu, Fola David, John Madu and Jekein Lato-Unah.