"I feel the society speaks and we listen," he said. "I feel it's my job to reply (to society), to try to change people's minds." - curbed from Ken Nwadiogbu's interview with CNN


It is not enough to highlight the state of Nigeria, neither is it enough to condemn the misappropriation of the present government. This body of work, fused with vibrant acrylic colors, is an activism against the bad government and their success in brainwashing us to accept their horrific agendas.


Democracy is dead and we need to wake up to that fact before we are conscious enough to awaken it. Making an effort to change the narrative is the biggest patriotic act. It transcends from just identifying the cankerworm to being politically involved.


Audrey Hepburn said “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

The Dawn of a new Truth

Take a break, stop looking into their eye to see the beauty of their soul. This time, look to see what they’ve seen- The unspoken things, the things buried deep down their sight, the things no-one-else cares to see. I dare you to take a moment with these works, and just look... hunger to uncover.

The truth? These are different eyes of women that have witnessed the UNTHINKABLE!


My art’s course is to pursue freedom, of expression and belief; and to promote the voices of those rather unheard. I have supported many campaigns off public media, and trained talents on techniques of pencil art for free, females especially, for the purpose of women empowerment.

The Uproar of Feminism

In the midst of much opposition, the feminist theme was brazenly brought to the fore in the late hours of the 19th century. Even more brazen today, is the followership of this rather unpopular course; evidently the turn of a new direction. In the yester-years, this course was thought to be a religion of the westerners, but art is transcending boundaries to tell the woes and ways of the world.

The King’s Diary

The King's Diary is an ongoing series that attempts to present African women in the light of kingly power; decorated in the regalia of the traditional rulers. The motive is to encourage the acceptance and respect otherwise ascribed to the kings of Africa- and any realm, as a matter of fact- as a right of the African female, as is depicted in the art pieces. This new light will help see the girl-child in Sub-Saharan Africa, and all of Africa, as privileged as the sons, and not doomed to the woes of forbidden education, and early marriage against her will.


So I thought about this idea years back after watching a news on Late Trayvon Martin. I immediately spoke to a friend about it and he said "People will come after you, saying, how can you be a voice when you know nothing about racism and have never experienced it before". And I felt he was right, I probably didn't know how it felt like, I thought.

War X Favoritism

Now fastforward to couple of months later, I read about the Xenophobic attack by South Africans that took the world by storm, the Libyan slavery and Civil War, Sinai Insurgency, Syrian Civil War, Sudanese Conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, Shia insurgency in Bahrain, Ethnic violence in South Sudan, Central African Republic Conflict, Batwa-Luba Clashes, RENAMO Insurgency, Iraqi Civil War, War in Donbass, Yemeni Civil War, ISIL Insurgency in Tunisia, Kurdish-Turkish Conflict, 2016 Niger Delta Conflict, Rohingya Insurgency in Western Myanmar, Kamwina Nsapu Rebellion, Qatif Unrest, Islamist Insurgency in Mozambique, Armenian-Azerbaijani Clashes, ISIS, Religious violence in Nigeria, Fulani herdsmen attack, and many more... It was at this moment it hit me. This was not just about racism, it was mostly favoritism- The extreme and dreadful part of favoritism.

Black Resistance X Favoritism

Legends like Late Martin Luther King Jr., Late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, and Late Malcolm X have fought the great battle to extinct this dreadful form of Favoritism. Late Trayvon Martin died as did many others because of this cankerworm eating through the fabrics of the world.

To speak about it is to be a voice for these victims. To shame Racism, National Origin Descrimination, Tribal Descrimitation, Feminine Denigration, and many more.


In the dusty parches of long ago. In the once-upon-a-sweet story borne of cracked lip. In legend, as all tales are, eventually. In the mind's eye of only those now wizened to the proper degree; Don Quixote rides true with chivalry, dignity, worth- and every other pure gift of character now gangrenous like the soul of folklore.

A Drab Kind of Wisdom

It is fool’s errand to count the trophies of science won, since Armstrong kissed the bald moon. These triumphs herald today’s man as wise, wiser, than ever. Indeed, man is reborn today- without the sense of yesterday. Today’s value is measured in the currency of money, fame and power, alone. As though it is by these vain pursuits that man has survived until now.

Art does not forget though, that the strokes and swipes of yesterday were the result of a true grasp of the concept of value; the endurance that is earned by pain, and the dignity that does not lie. Consonantly, this series questions today’s framework of values by suggesting that true worth is the self-worth that promotes a rather loud strength of character.

The Value Of Nothing

The series employs the thought that the worth of man is not measurable by price-tag, possession, or prominence. This is a deliberate attempt to convince the audience that the depressing, suicidal thoughts and stories in the wind today – including those of the wealthy – are an indicator that true value lies in the conscious awareness, appraisal and appreciation of one’s own limits, abilities and potential as perceived by themselves and not some misguided spectator.

The vanities of money, fame and power, are the placebo that prevent the realization that these alone, are nothing. To employ them as standards of measuring worth, or value, is to measure nothing. This series presents a rhetoric:

“What is the value of nothing?”


There is no such thing as absolute. Nothing has been figured out, absolutely. There is no Nothing. There is no Everything. There is no, No. There is no There. 

Until there is.

Lost Consciousness

We have queried the boundaries of existence, since the oracle gained its eye. Yet, our perception is informed by an awareness of what is only visible or palpable, much like a bandit scaling walls with veiled eyes. We do not see, but do not know. There is no firm conviction of what is. But there is the frame of fear that boxes a certain 'big picture' into our perspective. 

The Lost Consciousness represents an inquiry into how all humanity interprets what is perceived, as influenced by our fears and deep beliefs; some sort of veil, thin enough to distract us from our purpose.

The Nylon Series

This series attempts to describe how unaware we are, of the grand scale of things, and how we grope for purpose; seemingly attainable, but unseen yet. It is this sense of purpose, but ultimate lack of it, that influences our probe for answers to life's big questions. This consciousness- or lack of it- informs notions of racial superiority, promotes gender inequalities, and every moral and religious thought ever raised; from the ineffable eureka of Isaac Newton, as he found the key to atomic genocide, to the simplest sigh of a newborn. This is the hymn of this band.

For Consciousness. For Purpose. For Direction.

Life's Big Questions.


Ókótógbam, meaning "all and none", symbolic of human emotion, strength of character, ingenuity and survival, explains that we all are characters and play the role of soldiers.


We peer through large tears shaped as Adinkra symbols from Ghana such as Okodee Mmowere (the talons of an eagle), Kwatakye Atiko (symbol of bravery and valor), and more, as well as symbols from the Nsibidi group of Nigeria, in sheets of crumpled paper.

Both tear and crumpled paper, at once, are metaphors of the unfamiliar, the struggles, as well as the obstacles we face in our daily existence.